4 ways to go green on Earth Day 2017

4 ways to go green on Earth Day 2017

4 ways to go green on Earth Day 2017

Aprill 22, Earth Day. Every year you hear about this but you never manage to do something great and useful? Don't panic travelers, this year we have listed 4 ways to really "Go green" and to share the energy of Earth Day 2017 with more than a billion of people around the world!


1. Give me a bike and I'll save the World

Well, we start with the Must of the day. Car are banned and a little expection is made for those who need it to go to work. Do you want to visit the city center? What would you say if we suggest to take a bike and setting out to conquer the road? Not only the Planet will feel better, but you will also earn points in health. Do you know that 30 minutes pedaling are enough to make you feel immediately happier and more positive? In addition, while exploring the city by bike you can enter in streets and places where car are forbidden and you never know the treasures you can find.

2. Plant a tree? The right time is now
This is a simple activity that contributes in a significant way to fight the climate change, helping reduce your impact on the Planet in term of CO2 emissions.
Planting a little tree today will help to catch more emissions in the future. Don't you have the space or you don't know where to start? Let's join the Tree-Nation community, choose your tree, the place you want to plant it, leave your personal message and it's done, with a little click you have made your part! Instead if you prefer to be in the live action leave your contact to our staff, we have a big sustainable surprise for you in the next months!

3. Veggie is the way (even for one day)

Say no to meat it's hard, we understand, but it is one of the green activities that most help our Planet. Just for one day you can try the vegetarian cuisine. It is full of delicious dishes and exquisite ingredients. For example, our Chef this week proposes the open artichoke with egg yolk and Alpeggio fondue or the stuffed onion cooked in salt. 

4. Start today, keep on tomorrow

Last but not least, do you want to know the best green activity? Constance. Use this day to feel the energy and the support of 192 countries collaborating together and start doing something small everyday.
One day is not enough, but we all have to start somewhere!


These are our little tips to go green while traveling, but we are curious to hear your ideas. So, let's stay connected through our social channels and share your tips with us!

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