Alessandria and its exquisite cuisine

Alessandria and its exquisite cuisine

Alessandria and its exquisite cuisine

Italy… the most beautiful country, the country of art, of culture and fashion but in particular the country of good food!

Tourists which visit Italy are delighted by quality of our traditional food. Every Italian region is characterized by a typical dish, cooked with local products and the Piedmontese cuisine in particular is rich of exquisite receipts.

Following our staff's favorites, we have put together some of the best of the Alessandria cuisine, that you can not miss during your trip through our beautiful land.
Enjoy your meal travelers! 



The word of piedmont’s dialect “rabattare” means to roll, indeed Rabaton are mini rolled of vegetables, aromatic herbs, eggs and cheese, they’re cooked in vegetable broth and the recipe is very simple!
It has always satisfied Italian and foreign guests. In 1999 Rabaton’s Confraternity was founded to preserve this typical dish.


This is one of the most important main courses of our zone. It was born in Bosco Marengo, near Alessandria and it seems difficult to cook but it’s not! The combination between chicken, eggs and shrimps is perfect and give an excellent flavor.
Do you know the legend of Marengo Chicken? The legend tells that the general Napoleone Bonaparte after the victory against the Austrians during the famous Marengo Battle asked for something very special to eat. The village people started to put together all the raw materials that they had in that moment: eggs, mushrooms, chicken, crayfishes and french wine. The rest is history.


These friable biscuits seem little donuts, they’re typical sweets of culinary tradition of Piedmont and Val D’Aosta and only in this territories you can find the original ones.

These little sweets are covered by brown sugar that melts in oven, they have a very light taste and we suggest you to eat them with a hot cup of tea. But be careful… ‘cause of one leads to another!


We can’t forget to mention Krumiri of Casale Monferrato! They were born in 1800 from Domenico Rossi, a pastry chef of this little city. He didn’t reveal the original recipe and many persons tried to cook them but obviously the result wasn’t the same! Also some people use corn flour instead of white flour.

Crispy, light and delicious, you can soak them in milk and have a good break with friends.

Curiosity: the Mayor of Casale Monferrato in 1890 signed a document of authenticity of Krumiri. 

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