Alice Bel Colle : What to see and to do

Alice Bel Colle : What to see and to do

Alice Bel Colle : What to see and to do

The true pearls in Piemonte are mostly unknown to the most, they are small and you can find them only if you know where to look. Our team had precise indications: follow the road to Acqui Terme, go up the hills to Ricaldone and you will find it, with its 700 inhabitants, Alice Bel Colle.


In this little village of Alessandria it is very easy to get lost through vineyards and wine estates that produce Bracchetto and Barbera. The roads are tangle of old houses that lead all to the great central place, that remembers the old meeting point. It is the center of the village and there you can find the city hall, the church, a restaurant, an hotel, a newsstand and also a bar.

Maybe we have forgotten something, something that really impressed us and that only for its beauty it deserves the trip. It is the famous Belvedere of Alice Bel Colle. From the principal place it is possible to reach a panoramic point, thanks to a little stair in the central place. From here, with the compay of an italian flag that follows the wind pace you can admire the all territory and the valley and if you are lucky you can also see the Monviso and the Monte Rosa.


The Belvedere is not the only poit from where you can admire the landscape. Few meters before the signboard "Welcome to Alice Bel Colle", something else will catch your attention. A balcony hanging in mid air, with benches that invite you to sit and rest to admire the valley. Here the silence is the key word. 

Exploring the narrow and hidden roads, some of you could be amazed in discovering 4 restaurants, all serving traditional piedmontese dishes. Despite its dimensions, Alice Bel Colle is a very curious village, full of life.
If you walk through the vineyards you will also find 7 wine estate, workshop of artists and painters and a music academy. 

And now that you have the secret map, let's go discover this little jewel!

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