Behind Riccardo's Cuisine: The Stuffed Onion Cooked in Salt

Behind Riccardo's Cuisine: The Stuffed Onion Cooked in Salt

Behind Riccardo's Cuisine: The Stuffed Onion Cooked in Salt

Riccardo Aiachini, starred Chef of La Fermata Restaurant opens his kitchen doors and let us know one of his  best recipe: The Stuffed Onion Cooked in Salt.
We’re going to ask him some information about its preparation and its delicious and tasty flavour. 

What are our Chef’s secrets? Follow us in the kitchen!

Riccardo, when did you understand the Starred Onion Cooked in Salt would become your best dish?
I like onion very much, probably because it gives to dishes a great flavour without alterations. It could be cooked in many different ways and I became to cook it many years ago, at the beginning of my career; my experience grew but also guests demand so I decided to prepare a simple recipe to impress my customers… and what’s easier than stuffed cooked onion?

What’s the secret of its sublime taste?
So, certainly the stuffing gives it a particular taste, but I always give attention also to baking and salt’s measuring, they must be accurated to obtain a perfect onion

Did you follow a specific procedure or did you entrust yourself?
At first I cooked onion with original method, after when I learned secrets of Italian cuisine, in particulary piedmontese cuisine, I began to cook like my own and I can say everyone makes recipes with personal characteristics and ideas… I’ve obviously mine!

How many guests had been dissatisfied?
Guests are very pretentious, Chef has to satisfy them; so I work hard every day. Until today all of guests had been satisfied by my stuffed onion and they eat it with pleasant… seeing is believing!

Thanks to the Chef Riccardo for his availability.
And you? Did you desire tasting onion and other tasty recipies?

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