Discover the Monferrato

Discover the Monferrato

Discover the Monferrato

“Where time stops.”. It’s a way, our personal way to celebrate a lifestyle and the charm of a territory full of surprises and beauties to discover.

Piedmont, and more precisely its wide unexplored part called Monferrato, a land young and old at the same time, ancient and modern, full of contradictions that stimulates the traveller, that is hidden in all of us, to pack, leave and start looking for new paths, to reflect and enjoy.

Everyday, we live absorbed in a nonstop flow of experiences, a river in flood of world’s  fragmentsthat passes in front of the eyes, without staying enough to be able to be admired.

This trip, this imaginary parade of unbelievable places, too often never reported, will conduct you to the discovery of hidden destinations and seductive traditions.

Electrifying experiences won’t miss, as a flight to 2000 feetand guests of exceptionwill tell you through their point of view a piece of Italy, too much beautiful to remain without voice. 

If, quoting Kahlil Gibran, "we live only for discovering new beauties", then travellers followus in this involving trip without an end.

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