How to backpack for a weekend in Italy

How to backpack for a weekend in Italy

How to backpack for a weekend in Italy

Summer is definitely here. It's atmosphere, the air of the first escapes from the city and the desire to leave for those weekends some like Thelma and Louise and some like Vacanze Romane.  
You have chosen your destination, perhaps unusual for some, the Piedmont, and while you are foretasting the walks in the hill, in a climate of absolute thoughtlessness, it is there waiting for you, your suitcase. 

Ok, don't worry, there is no need to despair.
Here to you some right-hand, with the must-haves to create the perfect suitcase for your weekend in Piedmont.

1. When the rain falls
"Sun that stings, soon that it rains", it is perfect for this region. The days in Piedmont can be unpredictable indeed, so much to ruin your vacation and force to come back in your hotel room. For this reason, an umbrella and a k-way can never miss in your suitcase. 

2. A hat is forever

Nevertheless, when the  weather decides to be beautiful and warm, we can assure you that it decides to do it really well. Our suggestion is to always have with you a hat, to mend you from the hot rays of the Piedmontese sun. 

3. Two is better than one

The Piedmont is a territory rich of surprises, some can bring you to cross km without realizing it searching the perfect vineyard , others can invite you to a romantic dinner in one of the starred restaurants on the territory. For this reason, our notice is to always have with you two pairs of shoes, a comfortable pair not to turn your trips into nightmares and another one more elegant, not to be unprepared. 

Now, with these 3 must have you are ready for your weekend in Piedmont and remember travellers "every suitcase that you do is a history to tell."

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