How to survive a rainy day

How to survive a rainy day

How to survive a rainy day

Who said that the rain is always a problem? A tip to turn a disadvantage into a good opportunity to spend some time to themselves.


Dark clouds in the sky, cool and damp wind, then, all of a sudden, there arose a tremendous storm.

A scenario of this type will be undoubtedly familiar to those who know the springs of Northern Italy, while it might surprise some foreign tourists, victims of the stereotype of the "land of the sun".

In the case that rain washes out your own plans during your stay in our Resort, we would like to suggest you some activities in order to deal with the unexpected in the best way.

The first thing to do, especially if the rain has caught you during a walk and you are soaked from head to foot, is to indulge in a regenerating hot bath in the Jacuzzi of your room. Close your eyes and let yourself be lulled by the bubbles, so it will be easier to imagine yourself in some sunny exotic destination instead of the rainy countryside of Alessandria.

After being dried properly and wearing warm and comfortable clothes, you can sit back on a lounge chair and enjoy reading a good book, accompanied by the soothing sound of rain falling on the roof tiles, or, if you prefer, with your favorite playlist in the background.

If reading is not your favorite hobby or if you have simply forgotten to put a book in your suitcase, don’t be afraid! In fact, thanks to the satellite channels of the television in your room, you can finally see the movie that you missed at the cinema, or stay up with the episodes of your favorite TV series.

What did you say? You would like to do something more exciting? Then try to unleash your creativity. After all, as the famous Italian writer Italo Calvino said, "Imagination is a place where it rains inside." Let be inspired by the melancholic landscape outside the window to write a poem or a short story. Instead, if you are more comfortable with a camera in your hands, you can get out of your room and wander in our Resort looking for the perfect frame for some shots.

While you will be intent on focusing our beautiful garden bathed by the rain, it could then happen to be enchanted by a scent coming from our main hall: it's tea time! As every afternoon, in fact, you will have the opportunity to sit sipping our best quality of tea, accompanied by cakes and cookies baked specially by our Chef. Another great way to warm up a bit, isn’t it?

The rain, however, shows no sign of quitting and boredom began to spread. Why not to stop at the front desk to do some conversation? Our staff is always happy to have a chat with our guests, giving advice on things to do, typical dishes to try at all costs and, why not, even the weather.

By the way, it seems that tomorrow will be a wonderful day. Are you ready to travel with us?

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