Little Easter and a Picnic in Alessandria

Little Easter and a Picnic in Alessandria

Little Easter and a Picnic in Alessandria

Naked feet on the fresh grass, no schedules neither orders to be respected, together with friends and family. Who is not imagine the Easter Monday like this?
We bet that many of you have already peered at the first uncertain weather forecast and for the one who haven't done it yet, we tell you...the sun will shine fierce and the temperatures will decidedly be satisfactory!
So, everything seems perfect to begin organize your trip outside, that cannot be defined such without the famous of Little Easter. 
Either you are adventurers or countryside lovers take a look at the list downunder, choose your style and celebrate!

  • "On the grass, dreaming Monet"

You don't have to be in Paris to breathe the happy-go-lucky and elegant air of the "Breakfast on the grass" of Claude Monet. If you are in  Alexandria, you can book your basket with the delights of the Chef, prepare your best cover and move in the silence of the Piedmontese countryside. Exclusively for the lunch of Monday April 17th our Golf Club La Fermata will turn into the cloth of your preferred painting for an inviting picnic gourmet.

  • "Searching for Veronesi"

Recently in all the Italian movie theater, "Non è un Paese per giovani", the last creation of the italian Director Giovanni Veronesi, brought to the world the masterpiece of the Tortonesi Hills, the Timorasso. 
This time, to taste the more envied white wine, you don't have reach Cuba, but it will be enough for you to take your bike or a Vespa and drive toward the Roads of the Tortonesi Hills, choose the path that you like the most and begin your trip, made of marvelous sights and gastronomic delights that wait for you on the way.

  • "All together in Cittadella"

Famous in the whole worl for its magnificent military story, the Cittadella in Alessandria today is everything expect a fortress.
For your Little Easter with the family, the internal park is the ideal to make the little ones play far from cars and the city noise.

  • “Shopping Addicted in Piemonte”

Dulcis in fundo we reserve a special suggestion to the shopping lovers.
Nearby in Alexandria, in fact, there is a place where you can taste your picnic comfortably sit on a white sofa, together with Dolce&Gabbana, Prada and Gucci, absorbed in the green, in a zone forbidden to cars. You are wondering where this heaven is, obviously to Serravalle and we are speaking of the greater McArthur Designer Outlet in Europe that Monday April 17th will stay open up to 8.00 pm.


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