Moleto a little masterpiece in Monferrato

Moleto a little masterpiece in Monferrato

Moleto a little masterpiece in Monferrato

Let begin our trip among the hills of Monferrato bringing you into one of our team's favourite: Moleto.

This little village is located near Ottiglio, in Alessandria. To reach it you need  to pass through the typical fields of sunflowers that illuminate the landscape in the warm season. Ears of wheat anywhere and timid clusters of grape complete the paint. It will make you feel like in a painting.

Colle San Germano a Moleto

We abandon the street that leads to Ottiglio, wide and asphalted, to turn to the left in direction Moleto, a following of curves and little roads that make us taste an unknown aspect of Monferrato.

Arriving to the top of the hill you can find it there, printed as on a postcard. A little village that almost seems a small suburb. 30 inhabitants in total, not one more. We leave the car in the parking lot that is immediately found on the right to the entry of the village and we take the only possible street. Ancient houses built all with the traditional tuff, that emanates a yellow tone with the sunset, that cannot be found in the whole province. You can admire secular trees, palms and decorations on all the residences, particularly, on that of the astronomer Giovanni Celoria.

Tenuta Celoria a Moleto

Case a Moleto

However, don't let the dimensions of village fool you. In fact, what Moleto offers is unbelievable. Two restaurants, the Cave di Moleto, ideal for a complete dinner and the Bar Chiuso(called this way because being to the open air, when there is ugly wheather it is obviously closed) to taste an atmosphere jazz at the sunset. Two churches both dated back to year 1000, if not before, that of St. German and that of St. Michael.

A sight that will take your breath aways on the Valley of the Guaraldis, directly from the top of the Hill St. German, that is actually the small village of Moleto.

Finally, a legend  that of the mysterious Caves of the Saracens. The histories told during the centuries, speak of a hidden treasure in the caves and protected from fierce caliphs and sorceresses. It is narrated that the map was destroyed by a young student and that the treasure, once discovered, has been moved  in a mysterious place by the Count Mola.

However we tell you a secret, if you look well on the facade of the Church of St. German you can notice an epigraphy, that brings messages in code and signs to discover the lost map.

Are you curious enough travelers?  Now you have only to ask the map to our staff, ask them to indicate you the road and leave!

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