The most beautiful Christmas markets in Milan, Genoa and Turin

The most beautiful Christmas markets in Milan, Genoa and Turin

The most beautiful Christmas markets in Milan, Genoa and Turin

Are you looking for the perfect gift? Our staff decided to help you with some small tips on the most interesting Christmas markets in the area.

Heralded by the colored lights that invade the streets of our cities and the shop windows overflowing with decorations of all kinds, Christmas is coming quickly. The party most loved by children and more feared by adults, often too busy from the anxiety of gifts to be able to fully enjoy the magic of this period.

Luckly, however, every year there are more and more Christmas markets in our cities, and it is possible also for adults to rediscover the spirit of Christmas, solving at the same time the old dilemma of the perfect gift.

For this reason we at "La Fermata Resort" have chosen for you some of the most interesting Christmas markets between Milan, Genoa and Turin.



In Milan, you can’t miss the classic appointment with the market of "Oh bej oh bej" that will be held as every year on the occasion of the Feast of Sant'Ambrogio (from the 7th to the 10th of December), along the perimeter of the Castello Sforzesco with almost 400 exhibitors. From books to local crafts, from toys to clothing, from flowers to Christmas decorations, here you can really find everything, without forgetting the delicious "firùn", long braids of oven-smoked chestnuts, a true symbol of the Milanese fair.

Smaller but equally interesting, especially for those who lead an "eco-friendly" lifestyle, is "Green Christmas", which will be held on the 16th and the 17th of December in the suggestive location of the Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia, in the heart of the Isola district. Among the stands you will find clothes and accessories in organic fibers, design objects and furnishings with zero environmental impact, bio-cosmetic products and much more. The right choice to make a gift not only to friends and relatives but also to our planet.


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Moving to Genoa, you can’t miss the market of San Nicola, now in its twenty-ninth edition, which will be held in the medieval Piazza Sarzano from 2nd to 23th December. Here you will have the impression of having been catapulted in the Middle Ages, thanks to the craftsmen wearing costumes, who will revive ancient crafts and set up gastronomic laboratories, such as the one which will teach how to cook the real pandolce, the Genoese answer to Pandoro and Panettone. All this without forgetting solidarity. In fact, with your purchases you will contribute to the realization of several beneficial projects.

If you have a little time left and you still have a few gifts to buy, you can go at the central Piazza De Ferrari, the beating heart of the city, which from the 16th to the 22th of December will dress up for the "Mercatale" becoming a magical village of wooden houses for a journey between local crafts and flavors of Liguria, all accompanied by events and live music.



Finally, in Turin, the traditional Christmas market of Borgo Dora, at the Cortile del Maglio, will be held again this year. Here, from the 1st to the 23rd of December, you will be able to find handicraft products and food stands both from Italy and from all other corners of the world. Ideal if you are looking for something very special.

For the more latecomers, then, the appointment is in Piazza Solferino, where the market will last until January 14th.


As you can see there is really something for everyone. Good luck finding the perfect gift, travelers!

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