Rediscovering the Cittadella of Alessandria

Rediscovering the Cittadella of Alessandria

Rediscovering the Cittadella of Alessandria

Walking through the fortress along unusual routes between darkness and light, between the decay and rebirth, outside the beaten tracks, looking for hidden details.

From impregnable fortress to green lung and jewel of the city, voted to first place in the 2012 "Places of the Heart" of the FAI (Italian Fund for Environment). This is the path of the Cittadella of Alessandria since its construction in 1732, instead of the populous district of Bergoglio, to date, linked to the city by the futuristic Meier bridge and place to wander for many residents and tourists.

The fortress over the centuries has withstood not only the blows of the enemy guns but also to the Tanaro overflows (the last in 1994), the abandonment, the carelessness and the inexorable passing of time. In spite of all this, the Cittadella stoically continues to watch over the city with its high ramparts.

Already crossing the moat ready to visit a very special place. It may be for its contrast between the endless corridors, once used like arsenal, and the narrow underground tunnels. It may be for the melancholic charm that its buildings, once teeming with life and now empty and silent. Or may be for the incredible passion that during guided tours transmit the FAI volunteers, who through their commitment to the recovery and development of this amazing complex, allow us all to benefit from it.

Despite its huge size (to visit it from top to bottom could not suffice a full afternoon) what impresses most will be to wander in search of its smallest and seemingly insignificant details, as that truck abandoned for decades in a courtyard, the inscriptions on the walls made by the soldiers centuries ago, the masonic symbols on the facades of buildings, the chapel peeping out from one of the huge corridors and many more that it’s up to you to discover.

Do not be fooled then by the undeniable signs of degradation. The Cittadella has never been so alive and in the center of the city projects, but so much work remains to be done for the 40 volunteers who are involved in this fantastic place. Think, then, that with your visit and your offer, you will help to make it an unmissable tourist destination.

Do not miss your chance to be witnesses and contributors of the revival of the Cittadella!

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