Running in Alessandria

Running in Alessandria

Running in Alessandria

Do you want to leave stress of every day life?

If you love jogging and if you want to have a break far from the chaotic world where you live, let abandon tie and jacket and wear gym suit!
Alessandria and its countryside have more jogging paths and here you can run through pathways of Valeria Straneo, Olympic marathoner born in our city, who won the silver medal at Athletics Europe in Zurigo in 2014.

Sunny days and good temperatures make these landscapes really unforgettable. So take a little holiday in Alessandria among vineyards, orchards, fields, little grooves and hills. It’s possible to run through these paths ever but obviously the best season is spring!

Here there are some paths the Staff of La Fermata chose for you:

Argini Path (8,1 km) – Simple, Dirt Street

It’s very simple for everyone, this little street treads Rivers’ leeves Tanaro and Bormida. It’s perfect for people who love nature and beautiful landscapes. In spring and in summer sunshines make an extraordinary colours mélange on the rivers’ water. 

Cittadella Path (7,5 km) – Simple/Medium, Dirt/Asphalted

We propose this path for people who love jogging in the city, in the military Cittadella you can see old buildings, the museum and stables. And if you’re tired you can find refreshment in the park inside.

Bolla Street/Stortigliona Street Path (7,7 km) – Simple, Asphalted

A street in the nature… if you’ll choose this way, starting from our Resort, you’ll run through a typical countryside street with old farmhouses, fields, trees and also little curios animals. This Path ends near the citycenter, it’s suitable for runners who are seeking peace far from traffic.

But if you want to jogging you need of the right App! La Fermata found for you two helpful Apps for smartphone: Endomondo, a digital Personal Trainer and Runtastic, to listen to your favorite music. 

Our advice: wear suitable clothes, drink a lot of water and check the weather before the activity.

What are you waiting for? Choose a path, wear your headphones and… start to run!

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