A starred Valentine's day

A starred Valentine's day

A starred Valentine's day

Valentine's Day is approaching and you still have no idea what to give to your sweetheart? An excellent last minute solution that will let you make a good impression is, without any doubt, a romantic dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

In fact, in recent years, food has become trendy with countless television programs about cooking and starred chefs who have become real celebrities. So all of us are looking for the perfect culinary experience, and what better time for Valentine's Day to get this gift? 


onion aiachini


A dinner in a restaurant with one or more Michelin stars is a 360 ° experience, everything is taken care of in every detail, the food is clearly the fundamental part of the experience, but it is not the only thing, in fact also the service, the reception and location are usually of a very high level, and it is precisely what many seek: someone who knows how to "cuddle" the guests, that makes them feel at ease, that knows when to intervene with a suggestion or a joke, someone that, despite the full room, have eyes only for them and consider them as if they were the only guests present. 

In fact, in these fast-paced times in which we often do not have time for ourselves and much less for those who stand by us every day, indulge in a romantic evening in which to stop and completely dedicate ourselves to our beloved one, perhaps with a good glass of wine and an inviting dish between you, it's probably one of the biggest luxuries we can afford. 


mussel soup aiachini


Also our Chef Riccardo Aiachini awaits you with a special menu dedicated to Valentine's Day, to give you and your partner an unforgettable evening. 


We are waiting for you, Travelers. 

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