Wandering among the carrugi in Genoa

Wandering among the carrugi in Genoa

Wandering among the carrugi in Genoa

It would be pointless to list all the points of interest of the historic center of Genoa. It is much better to let yourself be guided by instinct and start wandering for this maze of narrow alleys that make up the largest historic center in Europe, surprising yourself at every corner in front of medieval churches wedged between one house and the other, charming squares, votive bureaux embedded in walls like precious gemstones and out of time shops.

Each alley (or caruggio, to say it a la Genoese) has a specific identity that distinguishes it: from the multi-ethnic Via del Campo, made famous by the already mentioned De André, to the fancy Via Cairoli and Via Garibaldi, hosting historical libraries and museums; from the lively Piazza delle Erbe, the center of the Genoese nightlife, to the quiet Via della Maddalena, which seems to catapult you into the dazzling atmosphere of a small village on the Riviera. In short, it takes just a few minutes walk to make you realize all the souls of this wonderful city.

Oh wait, there is one more. To find out, you need to get out of the labyrinth of alleyways following the slight downhill. Here, in front of your eyes, the pulsating heart of the city, the ancient harbor. For centuries, very important commercial hub, thanks to architect Renzo Piano, its ancient docks and warehouses have been converted into restaurants, bars, cinemas and museums (among the others, the aquarium, that is one of the most beautiful of world) and universities, thus becoming the social and cultural center of Genoese lives, as well as the preferred destination for tourists.

There is really no better way to end your walk, than enjoy a piece of focaccia sitting on one of the many benches in the harbor and get lost in looking at the coming and going of luxurious yachts and elegant sailboats.

But if you think you have seen all that the city has to offer you, you are wrong. Genoa is reserved, introverted as its inhabitants, and an afternoon it is not enough to know her deeply.

Keep following us. We will soon go back to Genoa to discover other places that will leave you breathless.

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