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How to cook strawberries according to the Chef
The first hot of the season has arrived the table is filled with fruits sweets and savory. Apricots, peaches, cherries and red fruits, but do you want to know which our preferred are? Some small ones, red, with small white and yellow dots, sweets and juicy, some varieties are typical of the Piedmont and with the whipped cream and the ice cream they are  the favorite dessert of all the travellers. We are speaking of the strawberries and of the 3 ways to cook them following the tips of the kitchen.
Behind Riccardo's Cuisine: The Stuffed Onion Cooked in Salt
Riccardo Aiachini, starred Chef of La Fermata Restaurant opens his kitchen doors and let us know one of his  best recipe: The Stuffed Onion Cooked in Salt.
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