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Meeting Alessandria

Meeting Alessandria

Day Spa in Alessandria

Enjoy a relaxing day spa: thermal baths in Alessandria and its surroundings
If your everyday routine exhausts you and you need to spend a relaxing day, here is where to find the spa in Alessandria and its surroundings to live an unforgettable spa experience.


How to get to Alessandria
How to reach the city and how to move around Alessandria? Some practical advice from our staff, useful both for those wishing to move towards the surrounding towns, and for anyone who wants to discover the city center and the main points of interest.
The most beautiful Christmas markets in Milan, Genoa and Turin
Are you looking for the perfect gift? Our staff decided to help you with some small tips on the most interesting Christmas markets in the area.
Small dictionary of the dialect of Alessandria
10 commonly used dialectal words to better understand the culture and traditions of Alessandria and its territory.
5 Fall Exhibition 2017
This week we decided to suggest you those we think are the most interesting art exhibitions of the season between Milan, Genoa and Turin
Country Festival in Piedmont
Discover with us the best folk festivals (called “sagre” in Italian) of Alessandria and where to find local excellences and a warm welcome.
How to backpack for a weekend in Italy
Here is some tips to perfectly backpack for your trip in Piemonte.
Best spotted on Instagram: Alessandria
Many of you probably know Alessandria as the city of bicycles, famous for the Citadel and for the Battle of Marengo. Its principal streets, Corso Roma and Street St. Lawrence, are the more frequented from the citizens and for this they are some of the best points to taste the true alexandrine essence. But what do you think of those non-turisty places, those you can discover only after having read badly the map and walked for km in the wrong direction?
Giro d'Italia and its roads
In few hours, the Giro d'Italia will arrive in Tortona to start the next day from Castellania. Our staff has thought of the most beautiful routes across the hills of Tortona and has tested them for you.
4 ways to go green on Earth Day 2017
Aprill 22, Earth Day. Every year you hear about this but you never manage to do something great and useful? Don't panic travelers, this year we have listed 4 ways to really "Go green" and to share the energy of Earth Day 2017 with more than a billion of people around the world!
Running in Alessandria
If you love jogging and you want to have a break far from the chaotic world where you live, let abandon tie and jacket and wear gym suit!
Alessandria and its countryside have more jogging paths and here you can run through pathways of Valeria Straneo, Olympic marathoner born in our city, who won the silver medal at Athletics Europe in Zurigo in 2014.
Little Easter and a Picnic in Alessandria
Naked feet on the fresh grass, no schedules neither orders to be respected, together with friends and family. Who is not imagine the Easter Monday like this?
So, everything seems perfect to begin organize your trip outside, that cannot be defined such without the famous of Little Easter.
How to survive a rainy day
Who said that the rain is always a problem? A tip to turn a disadvantage into a good opportunity to spend some time to themselves.