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Hotel Alessandria - Visit Piedmont

Discover now the 3 motives for which choosing a hotel in Alessandria is the perfect way to visit the Piedmont and discover all its beauty.


Moleto a little masterpiece in Monferrato
Follow our team into the very little village of Moleto, near Ottiglio in Alessandria. You will discover one the pearl hidden in the hills of Monferrato.
Alice Bel Colle : What to see and to do
The true pearls in Piemonte are mostly unknown to the most, they are small and you can find them only if you know where to look. Our team had precise indications: follow the road to Acqui Terme, go up the hills to Ricaldone and you will find it, with its 700 inhabitants, Alice Bel Colle.
Wandering among the carrugi in Genoa
Let's discover the treasures of the historic center of Genoa, with its interwoven streets overflowing with history, its concealed squares, its melting pot of distant cultures.
Rediscovering the Cittadella of Alessandria
This is the path of the Cittadella of Alessandria, walking through the fortress along unusual routes between darkness and light, between the decay and rebirth, outside the beaten tracks, looking for hidden details.
Discover the Monferrato
“Where time stops.”. It’s a way, our personal way to celebrate a lifestyle and the charm of a territory full of surprises and beauties to discover.