Discover La Fermata Resort Fidelity Program and instantly gain fantastic rewards and hidden offers.

The more you stay, the better and greater your rewards becomes. Take a look at the steps and start your journey with us!
*Registration only

5% discount
on your stay

5% discount on meeting&events

Birthday Present





*3 Check-in or 5 Nights

5% discount
on your stay

5% discount on meetings&events

Birthday Present

8€ Minibar Card

Happy Hour or Tea Time (1x)



*6 Check-in or 10 Nights

5% discount
on stay

5% discount meeting&events

Birthday Present

8€ Minibar Card

Room Upgrade/Spa (**)



*10 Check-in or 20 Nights

10% discount
on your stay

10% discount meeting&events

Birthday Present

Free Minibar

Room Upgrade (2x)

Ingresso Spa(**)

1 Dinner or 1 Night (1x)


The discount is valid from the first stay.

(**) The Spa will be available from the end of May 2018.

(1x) > You can choose one between the 2 options.

(2x) > Available twice.

Minibar Card > Not combined and not replaceable.

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