Alessandro Morgavi: PRO
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Vittorio Ostanello: PRO

D: How did you start playing golf?
R: I started to play golf very young, I shooted the first ball at the age of four. It ‘s a sport that has always appealed to my parents, so I knew that my path was already marked. Golf has always been my life and even though, during the year, I take few breaks, I could not live without it.

D: Which model in sport in general is or has been a reference point for you?
R: I love sports in general, I follow and I’m interested in almost all, in spite of this, I never had a role model to follow neither in the world of golf or in any other discipline. Ilike to be myself and follow my certainties.

D: What is the golf today, why do we start to play?
R: The golf today is certainly a sport that has gained popularity than when I started.It acquired a rather important sporting significance in our country, and more and more young people decide to start playing golf. You should try at least once because what trasmits golf is unique, apart from the stunning sites where you play, but still keeps the charm, that it is the only sport don’t need a referee, as they are the same players to denounce irregularities. In my opinion this a great motivation, which explains and describes in part, the beaty and the “poetry” of this game.

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