"To the Casa Rotta and so the Bolla Vecchia"

This is the first historical testimony of the ancient Cascina Bolla, dating back to the 1604.

A house and a court, as the piedmontese tradition says.

A reference point for the Alessandria's countryside, theater in the 1800 of the Marengo Battle, epic fight between Napoleon's army and the Austrians. Since then many are the legends and stories linked to these territories, such as the mysterious recipe of the Marengo chicken or the centenary tree that hived the famous general Napoleone Bonaparte and that it is still admirable today.

Thanks to the time, passion and work of incredible people, we are able today to admire the ancient Cascina Bolla, with its perfect "L" form, its extended green park and its Chapel, consecrated and publicly accessible.

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